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Spring Rainbows

Close up of a child holding a daffodil

Spring is time for celebrating and rainbows are for making wishes. Rainbows are a delight to the spirit. They span across the sky in full spectrum; a bridge of colour linking one world with another, the bridging of consciousness. Illusory and expansive, they inspire us,… Continue reading

Babysitting Activities in Spring

heart shaped bird feeder in tree

Post by Kaela Short. Babysitting is no easy task. You give them something to do and five minutes later comes the “I’m bored” or “Can we do something else?” Anyone that has done babysitting before should be able to relate to this. So I have… Continue reading

Cinnamon, Cardamom and Saffron

Mahsa and helpers

I have delicious memories of waking up on the first morning of spring in Iran (21st of March) to the wafting aromas of hot cinnamon and cardamom pastries, and saffron-laced rice puddings. Post by Mahsa Anderson, Denmark. Spring, particularly the first day, was an explosion… Continue reading

Nature’s treasures at local community Spring Fair

strawberry flower fairy (1)

 Look out for the Golden Hill Steiner School Stall at Children’s Week Spring Fair, Denmark WA Venue: Recreation Centre Date: 25th October 2014 Time: Starts at 10 a.m.             Locally-based online shop bringing beautiful, sustainably-made products to families around Australia. … Continue reading

Rainbow colours of Djilba Camp

Everlasting daisies

Spring break 2014, the kids and I headed out on an adventure to The Stirling Ranges. We travelled to Mount Trio with camping gear and a tomahawk for our first ever participation in the annual Djilba Camp. Story by Lydia Kenyon       The… Continue reading

Call to Rainbow Spring

the completed maypole

  By Lydia Kenyon Rainbow Spring is part of a year round initiative to celebrate and explore the season’s change in Denmark, Western Australia. Natural rhythms of the day and the year are an important aspect of early years learning, according to the educational philosophy… Continue reading

Come share the love this Friday

Carrots look like their embracing

    Come share the love this Friday and experience Winter at Kwoorabup Community Market. 3-5 pm, at the Golden Hill Steiner School Community Hall.   Come and find new season certified organic Eureka potatoes, organic citrus- oranges, mandarins, lemon, limes, salad greens, spray free… Continue reading

School Stall Celebrates Easter in Autumn

School banner

  At the Easter Denmark Arts Markets 2014, Kylie Collyer from Nature’s Nest and P&F Chair Miranda Miller made a beautiful and inspirational display, bringing together elements of the Easter festivity and Autumn’s bounty.         Alongside felt and wood-made Autumn trees, leaves,… Continue reading

The Golden Christmas Project

Poster for Golden Christmas

Many parents these days are looking for a less commercial Christmas. A ‘Silly Season’ that finds some time to ‘make and do’ instead of just consume: A Yuletide that honours the gifts and the rhythms of nature: A ‘Festivous’ that celebrates human imagination and gives… Continue reading

Five fun family outings in Denmark

ducks outing

Look here for some ideas for things to do locally with your children, Summer 2014, followed by up-to-date information on days and opening times. 1. Kids running wild? Lock up them up! Denmark Historical Museum is the old police station. On special request the staff… Continue reading