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Spending time or money at Christmas?

garden play

Post by Robert Gillman, GHSS School Co-ordinator, 2013 It is staggering to me to think that, according to the Commonwealth Bank, Australians will spend about $18 billion in the two weeks leading up to Christmas. That is an average of $430 for every man, woman… Continue reading

Grandma’s Gingerbread Recipe

gingerbread man

My grandma lived in the country, in a tiny village in Germany. We lived in a big city, about five hours drive away, so we got to visit “Oma and Opa” only a few times a year. My grandma was a very good cook and… Continue reading

Giddy-up and Jingle with Magical Play Reins

play reins

Post by Lydia Kenyon This is a very easy and fun gift to make for a kindy-aged kid, anytime of the year, but the addition of some bells gives a particular Christmas magic to these play reins. Children love playing horsey, or perhaps reindeer, but… Continue reading

A Golden Collection of Christmas Carols

For a pdf download of A Golden Collection of ¬†Christmas Carols, music and lyrics, please click on the image below. This is a unique and charming collection of songs from around the world, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. There are some lovely, simple songs… Continue reading

Create a Crazy Cucumber Crocodile

Crazy Cucumber Croc

Post by Neal Collins I teach organic and biodynamic gardening at the Golden Hill Steiner School in Denmark. The kids love making things from fruit and vegetables, especially when they get to eat the end result. Eating great fresh produce inspired me to become involved… Continue reading

Weave a God’s Eye in honour of Summer Solstice

god's eye

I have marked Summer Solstice with god’s eyes in my home for many years now. It is such a simple meditative practice and so easy to do. You can do it while chatting at a social gathering or sitting quietly on your own. It is… Continue reading

Seasonal Bring A Plate

decorated cheese balls

Many people who have come from Europe to live in Australia cite the Bring a Plate as rather a unique Australian tradition. I’ve even heard of confused guests arriving at a party with an empty plate! In England a lot of socialising is done at… Continue reading

Make Earth Art

earth art

Golden Christmas is right under your feet A really fun way to embrace the spirit of Christmas is to find it in the small places that are easily overlooked. ¬† Nature and all her fairies are right on our door step in the nearest pot… Continue reading

Love Doves

felt dove decoration

  Thank you Silvia for this pattern and design. This felt dove is a little more complicated than some of the other felt decorations I have tried this advent, but the end effect is very charming. Christmas is a time that many use to reflect… Continue reading

A ribbon wand to withstand WA’s windy plays


Post by Kylie Collyer of Natures Nest Both my kids love ribbon wands, but I have bought so many over time only to have them break shortly after getting home. This led me to try making my own. So on a mission to find a… Continue reading