Monthly Archives: October 2012

News from Karri Kindergarten

“Come on out, look about ,come on out Roses grow by the gate, and for you they will wait Come on out, look about ,come on out See on a twig, a little guest sits Rocking, rocking in breezes mild, sings for my child Come… Continue reading

Quiet pouring

The following verse gave Rebecca strength in challenging times. It inspired her so much that she used two words as her email address (quiet pouring). I hope it will offer some comfort to those who are grieving for Rebecca, as it is for me With… Continue reading


 The state government have advised our school that in approving the use of the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework in our school, we are obliged to inform parents of the following. 1) The Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework (ASCF) meets the same outcomes as the Australian Curriculum… Continue reading

Class 6/7 News

Welcome back to all under these difficult circumstances. I’m still reeling in shock and deep sadness at the sudden ‘passing’ of  Rebecca, as I’m sure the whole community is. Over the last two years Rebecca has been such a support and inspiration in my life.… Continue reading

A sad Farewell

This term at Golden Hill has begun with deep sadness for the loss of our long-standing primary teacher, Rebecca Pampling. Rebecca came to us in 2006 from Boulder, Colorado in the USA, an experienced Steiner teacher with much to offer our school. Her tireless and… Continue reading