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Grievance and Resolution Policy

Grievance & Resolution Policy 2012

World Kindergarten Teachers Conference Part II

Four keynote speakers addressed the conference for morning lectures, all based on the theme; “The Journey of the “I” Into Life-A Final Destination or a Path Toward Freedom?”. On Monday, Michaela Glockler, leader of the medical section of the Goetheanum and author of many books,… Continue reading

Carpark safety

We ask that all parents and visitors to Golden Hill please observe the following when driving into and parking in our grounds when delivering and collecting children to and from school ; 1) Drive slowly and carefully 2) Staff and Kindergarten Parents only may park in the… Continue reading

Parent & Friends news

Position Vacant- Parents and Friends Convener After all the fantastic work Rene and Carolyn have done over the past year, the position of P&F convener is now vacant and we desperately need someone to step in and take the reins! The voluntary role of P&F… Continue reading

Class 4/5 news

 Hope you all had a lovely relaxing Winter holiday- I know I did 🙂  We will be kicking off term three with a Maths main lesson on fractions and decimals. This can be quite a challenging area of learning which requires a fair amount of… Continue reading